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What is a Crash Barrier (Guard Rail)?

A Crash Barrier, also known as a Guard Rail, is a safety device installed along roads to prevent vehicles from colliding with obstacles and crossing into opposing traffic lanes, ensuring the safety of motorists.

How do Solar Road Studs enhance road safety?

Solar Road Studs absorb sunlight during the day and emit bright light at night, improving road visibility and guiding drivers and pedestrians during low light conditions.

How does the Thrie-Beam Metal Crash Barrier differ from other types?

The Thrie-Beam Metal Crash Barrier has a wavy design, providing enhanced containment and redirection capabilities during vehicle impacts, making it suitable for high-speed highways.

What is the purpose of Median Markers?

Median Markers are reflective safety devices installed on central dividers of highways to improve road visibility, guiding drivers and preventing accidental lane departures.

Does Sunrise Overseas offer installation services for road safety products?

Yes, we provide professional installation services for all our road safety products, ensuring precise implementation and adherence to safety guidelines by our expert team.

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